These terms apply between Resort Yxenhaga and the person who books himself or herself through another person, establishing an agreement as stated in the confirmation. The customer is stated as Customer in the terms and other travelers are listed as guests.

The booking / agreement may apply to accommodations in cabin, other products and services, or a combination of these.


Booking for private individuals

To book / enter into an agreement with Resort Yxenhaga regarding accommodation, the customer must be at least 22 years old. Identification on arrival. Obtaining age limits is a requirement for access to the accommodation. If the client does not meet the age limit, the rules apply for cancellation. Minor-aged guests who are accompanied without the guardians company shall have the guardians written approval. Deviating age rules may occur.


Group Booking

A group is an association, organization, school or company consisting of at least 10 people (not families). Named as a customer. Booking must be done by a competent and authorized person who is at least 25 years old, referred to as a contact person.

The customer must book in the name of a association, organization, school or company. The group should have a designated contact person from the outset. The contact person is responsible for the group’s bookings / orders and is the group’s contact person during the stay. For groups with minors, at least one responsible person, who is at least 25 years old, must attend and be responsible for 10 persons. Name, date of birth and mobile number of all persons responsible must be notified to Resort Yxenhaga, 14 days before arrival. No later than 14 days before arrival, the customer sends a participant list with name and date of birth to all guests to Resort Yxenhaga. Lists are sent to


Booking of accommodation

The basic price includes rental of cottage, electricity, water and beds. Variation of floor plan / furnishings and bedrooms may occur. The customer and guests may not use a cottage other than holiday home, unless otherwise agreed upon at the time of booking.

The number of persons in the accommodation must be the same as the number of beds the accommodation is equipped with. At special requests, regarding pets or adapting the furnishings for disabled guests, these must be made at the time of booking. Other requests are met if there is a possibility. Resort Yxenhaga informs about cottage number no earlier than on arrival. Resort Yxenhaga reserves the right to change accommodation to other equivalent accommodation or upgrade.

The basic price does not include bed linen, towels or cleaning. This can be added in addition to the current price list. The square meters refer to the exterior dimensions of the cottage.




Upon receipt of the booking confirmation, this must be checked to ensure that all details are correct. It is the customer who is responsible for the accuracy of the information on the booking confirmation. Booking Confirmation will be sent by e-mail.

In case of an error, Resort Yxenhaga should be contacted within 3 days of receipt of the confirmation.



In order to gain access to booked accommodation, the entire rental amount must be paid. In the event that payment is not made on time, Resort Yxenhaga reserves the right to cancel the reservation. The customer should always contact Resort Yxenhaga in good time to cancel or rebook, see the cancellation and rebooking sections. Resort Yxenhaga does not send reminders or payment confirmations.


On-site payment

Only possible when cottage is not booked in advance. The fee must then be paid at check-in. Payment is then received by bank or credit card. Resort Yxenhaga reserves the right to deny booking if payment can not be made by card, in advance. Cash payment is received at small amounts, such as when renting a canoe or bike, or for the purchase of ice cream, beverage or fishing license.


Payment against invoice

Only possible for companies, associations and other organizations. The payment must be received  by us no later than 10 days after the issue of the invoice. Booking can not be done online.


Payment for online booking

When booking online, it is mandatory to provide debit / credit card details and payment will be made at the time of booking. An amount of a SEK will then be charged to the card, but will be refunded immediately. This may appear on account statements for a short time. The full amount be charged shortly thereafter. If cancellation occurs – within the limits described in the cancellation section – a credit / debit card refund will be made. It takes up to 10 days after the refund is requested until the funds are in the account. If you want a receipt, this can be obtained at check-in or check-out. If canceled, no receipt will be sent. Would you like one, contact us at or +46 393 21800, state your booking number and name.



Change of reservation refers to change to other accommodation or to another period during the same season. The reservation can also be changed to apply to another person. Changes can be made to the extent of the location. Resort Yxenhaga may deny change in cases where special reasons exist.



Until 14 days left until arrival, no fee will be charged on cancellation, and the entire amount will be refunded. When it is 7 days but less than 14 days remaining, half the amount (50%) is refunded. In case of cancellation of the accommodation, when less than 7 days is remaining until the date of arrival, none of the amount paid is refunded.

Cancellations or changes must be made in writing or orally to, +46 393 21800, or online, via Always state the name and booking number.



Complaints must be submitted to the front desk at Resort Yxenhaga no later than 12:00 noon after arrival. Any errors that occur during your stay must be notified immediately to the front desk. If the cottage provided is not in agreed condition and if Resort Yxenhaga can not fix this, you are entitled to terminate the agreement. Other complaints are referred to the front desk.


Liability for property /damage

Resort Yxenhaga is not responsible for forgotten / lost items.

Damage caused to the customer or guest by negligence shall be compensated. In such cases, the customer / guest must report this to the front desk. The customer / guest is, in turn, liable for damage in cases where the customer / guest himself or someone in his company, by neglect, caused the damage. See also “Other obligations”


Other obligations

  • The customer / guests should carefully care the cottage / apartment and comply with the rules and regulations that apply.
  • The customer / guests should show consideration to other guests and keep silent between 22:00 and 07:00.
  • The customer is responsible for damage caused to the property and its inventory in the event that the damage has been caused by the fact that the customer / guests in the company or anyone else who has been given access to the accommodation has been negligent.
  • The customer / guests in the company may not set up a car, tent, caravan or caravan on the property. Also do not install music equipment or other interfering equipment in the accommodation or in direct connection with the accommodation.
  • The customer / guest must comply with the regulations applicable to the cottage / apartment, regarding smoking bans and, if applicable, pet prohibition.
  • Any violations are committed. Violation of smoking and pets prohibition with a fee of SEK 2,000.



If cleaning is not ordered, customer / guest is responsible for that cleaning is done before departure. Missed or substandard cleaning will be charged with a fee from

1 000 SEK.



All keys to booked cabin / apartment must be returned at check-out. For non-returned keys, Resort Yxenhaga will charge 500 SEK per key.


Breach of agreement

This is an agreement made between the customer and Resort Yxenhaga. The agreement is binding and approved by the customer upon booking.

The agreement expires with immediate effect if:

Booking conditions are not met.

The customer / guests in the company appear to be disturbing in the cottage / area. The customer / guests in the company commit damage to the cottage / area. The cottage is used for non-intended purposes.

In case of breach of contract, the customer / guests in the company must immediately move from the cottage and are not entitled to recover any part of the amount paid. In case of destruction or disturbing behavior, indemnity may be required by the customer.


Force majeure

In case of war, natural disasters, strikes and other events that are considered to be force majeure, Resort Yxenhaga may terminate the agreement, whereby the guest will be informed immediately. In such cases, Resort Yxenhaga is required to pay back the amount paid, with the exception of the benefits taken by the cottage and additional products.